Pet Foot Pedal Water Fountain


Pet water fountain operated by foot pedal



Pet Foot Pedal Water Fountain


Name: Pet Dog Water Feeder

Size: about 25*22*8.7cm/ 9.84*8.66*3.43in

Diameter of Water Inlet: about 1.5cm.



1、Automatic Drinking Water: The step-on-press type self-service drinking fountains, which can produce water only by lightly stepping on them, they are pet drinking fountains in the yard.

2、Educational Toys: The automatic dog water feeders can also be summer yard toys for pets, which is cool and can relieve the heat, and help training the dog's intelligence.

3、Easy to Operate: Connected to the water pipe, the dog only needs to press his foot on the switch to drink water and play, it is very simple, the dog will learn right away.

4、Continuous Water Supply: The step-on pet outdoor drinking fountain can ensure that your pet can easily obtain fresh and clean water for himself at any time, even when you are away.

5、Perfect Size: The size of the step-on pet outdoor drinking fountain is about 25*22*8.7cm/ 9.84*8.66*3.43in. The drinking fountain owns perfect size, so don't worry about pets not being able to step on them.


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